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Food on wheels can be great fun, but when that food provides your primary source of income, you want to make sure you’re well insured. Advanced American Financial offers customized insurance coverage for food trucks in our local community as well as throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island.

What We Cover

If you cook or deliver food on wheels, we have coverage for that. Food truck insurance from Advanced American Financial is available for

  • Ice cream trucks
  • Taco trucks
  • Funnel cake stands
  • Lunch trucks of all types
  • Waffle trucks
  • Catering vehicles

What You Need

Like any business, your food truck needs certain types of insurance in order to operate legally. Other policy options and additional coverage beyond legal limits can help you stay in business following an accident, disaster or legal action against your company. Our experts will be happy to offer risk assessment for your food service in order to help you determine what type and amount of coverage you need. Available policies include

Workers' Compensation Insurance: Required for all employers in Rhode Island and Connecticut, this coverage protects your employees and will pay medical expenses and other fees related to on-the-job injuries.

General Liability Coverage: This insurance covers the basic risks of doing business. Among other things, it will protect your business in the event that a customer gets sick after eating food purchased from your food truck.

Commercial Auto Insurance: An obvious necessity for mobile food services, this coverage can be written to include liability coverage, medical liability, collision and comprehensive insurance.

Business Personal Property Insurance: Since your business extends to items in your food truck as well as the truck itself, property insurance is necessary. It will cover equipment, inventory and other business-owned items.

Umbrella Policies: Every insurance policy comes with limits, and for a food truck, those limits might be insufficient in the event of an accident or disaster. Umbrella insurance will extend your limits to help fully protect your assets.

You can get your free insurance quote online today. To learn more or ask questions about food truck insurance from Advanced American Financial, call us during normal office hours.

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